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I’ve been crazy busy lately, and cannot fit in as much drawing as I’d like. One small project I usually work on around this time of year is my TaikOz Student Concert tshirt and programme design. I like to give it some thought and time, but only had an afternoon to come up with something. Luckily with Asian-influenced art its very clean and simple. Although I received a lot of positive comments on the design, I realised that I’m not really taken to this style of painting. I dont think it suits my personality.

What Asian-style painting lacks is the opportunity to get down and dirty, and spend a lot of time working and developing a drawing. It requires you to spend more time thinking about your image before you execute – to capture the whole essence of a subject with minimal strokes. It is after perfection and completeness in simplicity. And that’s not me. I love delving and getting lost in masses of linework, much of which is created spontaneously or instinctively. And although you might have a visual idea of what your picture may look like, there is that exciting surprise (usually)  of what you may end up with.

So it worked well for what I needed it to for, but I dont think its something I will want to explore for my personal development.

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