Urban Sketches additions

The weather has been topsy-turvy over this Easter Long Weekend, but I managed to fit a few in.

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To see all my  sketches in full go to my Urban Sketchers page. Cheers!


Are you ready to rock?

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Creating music opens wide the doors in terms of how hands can be manipulated to play a multitude of instruments – striking, stroking, plucking, strumming, shutting, dampening, stretching… It is a very skill-orientated domain and what you can see in the hands are the technical demands (and years of practice) an instrument needs in order for it to be played correctly. On top of that depending on the sound you want to create affects how much pressure you might apply to an instrument, or the way in which it is handled. For instance, even the largest gong can be played with tenderness. It’s all very exciting!!

If you would like to read my drawing notes (or view larger images of these drawings) go to Hand Study – Musical Instruments.

More Urban Sketches, Addison Road

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Spent a Sunday afternoon at the Addison Road Community Centre. The organic markets are on, and after 10am the Bower and Reverse Garbage are open. It’s has a great vibe and very encouraging of the arts. To view my Urban Sketches of Marrickville, click here.

For more info: The Bower, Reverse Garbage and Marrickville Organic Market

I’ve been making good progress with this series, and I’m really enjoying it. I forgot to mention what meduim I am using. It’s you’re simple .04 Artline pen. Once I sketch it in, I use one of those waterbrushes and go over it and let the ink bleed to help create depth. It’s a fun, uncluttered way of sketching.

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