Urban Sketches Sydney 2011

Jets training
Dinner at Tra Mi
Platform 5 on a wet Sunday
Construction: Cnr Petersham & Marrickville Rd
St Brigid’s Church
Marrickville Public School
NSW State Election
Chapel St Bus Stop
Addison Road Organic Markets
The Bower, Addison Road Community Centre
Reverse Garbage Sculpture, Addison Road Community Centre
Salavtores Bakehouse Cafe, Enmore
Enmore Park, the old Rocket Ship
Agar St on a Sunday

Cooks River, Steele Park, Marrickville
Marrickville Fish Shop
Circus, Tempe
Cooks River, Tempe
St Stephens Church & Cemetery, Newtown, at night
Taiko No Wa set up, St Stephens Hall, Newtown
The SCA at Marrickville Town Hall
Dance Skool performance at Marrickville Festival
Circus play at Marrickville Festival
Breakfast at Platform 7, Sydenham
Misseden Road, Newtown

Dulwich Hill PatisserieNew Canterbury Road, St Peters

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  1. I’m really enjoying your Marrickville journal, it’s a coffee table book waiting to be published!

      1. I’ll second that emotion!
        You’ve seen “All Over Coffee”, right? Look it up on Amazon, use “see inside” feature. Also you can look at the drawings at SF Chronicle (or is it the Examiner?).
        Or just Google “All Over Coffee” and click Images. Fun to browse.

        Your stuff would make a great book!

  2. What wonderful sketches!!! Wow – you are terribly talented. I especially like the table and the train station. Congratulations on being invited to Urban Sketchers. Well deserved.

  3. Hi Meegan,
    Been looking everywhere for a contact phone… for you … your actually not contactable.
    Love your work by the way.
    I was trying to contact you … its about the work you did on the book for Maggie Lawrence … i can see how it might piss you off a bit… she says you wont return her call.
    I was hoping to get her artwork, body and cover pdf … but fully understand if you dont want to part with it. Apparently she has never sold a book… (sort of sad… its what comes from zero marketing. Anyway she was hoping to remedy this … which means you get half what ever she is planning

    Books dont really pay well unless you get really lucky… (didnt see a picture of you anywhere online… would love to know what you look like.

    Thank you…

    Simon Creedy – successfull graphic designer (i only say that because i read your who me thing … and posted it on my facebook… its kind of sad to read)

    ps if you dont want to connect … I fully get it … but would love you too all the same

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