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Over a decade ago I discovered a few local sketch groups that revolved around the love of drawing on location. They weren’t classes nor dictative of style, mediums or experience. They proved to be vital in my growth and development in terms of challenging myself, stengthening my skills and being inspired by other sketchers and their art.

If I have a “thing” its to theme exercises or projects. That added elements seems to motivate my creativity. When I fully embraced drawing on location I made a lot of extra time to go out on my own and sketch. For one year I kept a book and drew in my local area, now fondly described as the Inner West of Sydney.

The next year I stuck with that same theme but added a twist to it and that was to draw from various bus stop locations. I don’t have an infinity with these places but I don’t drive so catch a lot of public transport. If ever you’ve waited for a bus, there can be a decent amount of time to sketch before the bus arrives.

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  1. I’m really enjoying your Marrickville journal, it’s a coffee table book waiting to be published!

      1. I’ll second that emotion!
        You’ve seen “All Over Coffee”, right? Look it up on Amazon, use “see inside” feature. Also you can look at the drawings at SF Chronicle (or is it the Examiner?).
        Or just Google “All Over Coffee” and click Images. Fun to browse.

        Your stuff would make a great book!

  2. What wonderful sketches!!! Wow – you are terribly talented. I especially like the table and the train station. Congratulations on being invited to Urban Sketchers. Well deserved.

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