Last one to vote for!

Here is my final submission to threadless (at least for now). Thank you to everyone for your comments, “likes” and votes. Click here to vote or click on the image.




This design was inspired by 70s kung fu movie posters and everyone’s love for vintage tshirts.¬†Originally I wanted it to say “Hulk Smash” but there is no Chinese word for it, So I used the word “Destroy” at the bottom instead.


Vote now or…Hulk smash!

Hello everyone,

Following on from my last post, I have submitted more designs to Threadless t-shirts. They are running an Incredible Hulk competition at the moment, and this is my first (of two) design that has been approved and ready for voting. So if you have an account with Threadless it would super-fantastic if I could get your vote. Link is here or click on the image.




Threadless votes needed

Hi Everyone,

I have submitted two t-shirt designs to Threadless t-shirts. A fantastic online store that sells t-shirts based on designs submitted by the global community. Therefore all designs that get selected for print are voted by the public too. So if you happen to be registered with Threadless, I would love it if you could rate my shirts for me. Please click on the image or the link directly below the image to take you to the voting page.

Thanks for your support,


Design: RIP Doc Boots


Design: Monster Boy
Design: Monster Boy

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