Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, I’m a practicing graphic designer (Mac, and mac only – I’ve done my time on PCs thanks). A small percentage of my work is illustration but very commercially styled. At one point I was given opportunities to illustrate the odd children’s book and it made me realise how enjoyable it was to get away from the computer and work with pencils, brush and paper again.

It was like a breath of fresh air and decided I needed to make more time for this and on a regular basis. It was a part of my life I let slip since high school which I’m sure many of you might be familiar with. Inbetween working long hours and life in general, I jumped from idea to idea covering everything from greeting cards to book illustration ideas, linocuts to photography. There was no plan on what to do just that I had to do it.

That was over ten years ago. With all the changes in technology and being able to allocate dedicated days to art making I’ve spent even more time exploring art and design, but with a more focussed mind. I started this new life chapter wanting to find out what it is that I wanted or put it bluntly, discover what art medium “spoke to me” and would become my thing.

It was only maybe a year into this (it is still unfolding) have I come to the realisation I don’t have that one spiritual connection to an art medium, subject matter or method like many artists do. I like all of the above and have learnt that that’s who I am.

This blog was created to help me process all my learnings as I either participate in external projects or set my own exercises. The whole explorative nature of creating art is what I relish the most, more-so than the finished piece. The icing on the cake is if it inspires those who read this on their own creative journey.

Thanks for your time,

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