I’m born and bred in Sydney, Australia. I’m a practicing graphic designer (Mac, and mac only – I’ve done my time on PCs thanks). A small percentage of my work is illustration but very commercial. I have illustrated the odd childrens book here and there, but nothing regular. I think I would like to head down that track, or at least something that involves more drawing and painting, but I haven’t decided what path to take yet.


I get a lot of interest in my illustration skills, unfortunately not of the paying variety. Because I am a freelancer every job counts. So I’m not allowing myself to be involved in anymore unpaid projects, no matter how fantastic a concept it might be or how it could possibly make me millions in the future. Unless your project can help pay off next month’s mortgage, please refrain from contacting me about illustrating your: story book, greeting cards, tshirts, concert posters, wedding invite, etc. etc. Thanks!

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