Black Square, White Squares

Unfortunately I only started this a few years ago. I’ve always drawn on my holidays but not with the intent of keeping them in a book-like format. It’s always been A3 drawing pads and sitting in the sculpture wings of art galleries.

It also never  takes precedence when I’m travelling. The urge to shop sometimes commands more attention than drawing (the intensity of this desire is also based on how many months/years I’ve had to save up for the trip too). Or, some places the weather has been too relentless to allow me twenty minutes of personal safety to get a drawing down. And the only moments I did find with plenty of time to draw were either in airports or cafes, but I didn’t want my book filled with only those surroundings.

So, now that I’m posting them on my blog,  and hopefully it will encourage me to give it some priority next time I travel, and give my credit cards a breather.

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  1. Loving the careful but loose balance in these and all of your Antarctica drawings. Very confident style.

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