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Updates and Flickr site

Hello, For anyone who is interested, I have started a flickr account with my Everyday Matters offerings. Plus I’ve started a food & garden journal too. And if the gods are smiling down on me an Illustration Friday set will follow. So click here if you want to check it out. Plus I have updated […]

Step by step – hand on mouse

This is one of three [maybe more if I feel it is a constructive enough excercise] step by step breakdowns of drawing hands. I had some notes I wrote to accompany this, but I cant find them. So hopefully it will all come back to me. Anyway, I will be doing a series of hands […]

Step by Step: pen in hand

Aah! My new best friend – the pen. Sorry about the wonky dissolves – George Lucas would fire me on the spot! 😛 Some easy tips I’d like to give people on shading: 1. If you have very strong shadows on your object, especially anything spherical/cylindrical, don’t shade right to the edge. You can see […]

Step by Step: pen resting in hand

See more Hands Study: Holding Objects

Put your hands up in the air!

SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP My blog’s main objective is to help people draw hands – in different angles or positions, of different ages and in various forms of action. They are an endless source of visual material. Of course I’m not an expert, I just love to draw! [INSERT CORNY HAND PUN HERE] The human figure […]