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This is one of three [maybe more if I feel it is a constructive enough excercise] step by step breakdowns of drawing hands. I had some notes I wrote to accompany this, but I cant find them. So hopefully it will all come back to me.

Anyway, I will be doing a series of hands holding objects. As that can be a double tricky, if you refer to my theory of using the vertical lines to help you construct the entire drawing it will lessen the stress for you.

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8 thoughts on “Step by step – hand on mouse

    1. I’m really excited by EDM, Sandra. A few people I know that are part of Sydney Sketch Club told me about it. They are already members and produce amazing stuff as well. Thanks for the compliment.

  1. I had a little time to come back to your blog and read your tips in the last three posts. Drawing hands better is a BIG goal of mine for 2011, so I will for sure be following along. I’ve bought two texts on the subject, the one by Byrne Hogarth and the older one by George Bridgeman. Bridgeman is not a wordsmith. Hogarth is better. I am very short on time though and have to think that simple approaches are best – I can’t help but think that they both make it too complicated. I want to be able to sketch the hands of folks I see someone in public quickly, without a lot of agony or thought. And, btw, this is beside the point – but I love the tip about shading not all the way to the edge.

    1. Yeah, I totally agree. No one should publish a book with the purpose of clarifying a subject only to complicate it even more. That’s my whole point – hands look complicated but shouldn’t be. Putting together a Swedish tv cabinet is more complicated than drawing hands!

      From the issues you have mentioned I might do a series of gestural hand drawing. Because I completely understand what you mean. When you are a sketching a full figure, the hands are quite a small part of the drawing – but is such a concentrated area of lines. My best tip would be to look for the most dominant gesture or shape in the hand pose and depict that. If you get that right, we subconsciously fill in the rest when we look at it. A lot has to do with trusting what we see.

  2. such an educational post, and a great blog! =) I’ve never had a formal lesson on art before and just by looking at your blog definitely helps me to understand more. Thank you!

  3. Welcome to EDM!! Wonderful drawings here. I have to confess that I do love to draw hands and feet and they appear sprinkled throughout my sketchbooks!

    1. Thank you. The encouragement from EDM has been overwhelming so far. I love your work, I’m going to have to make a cup of tea and sit down and go through it all.
      cheers, meegan

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