Every Day in May

Holy cow! What a month! I completed my first attempt at the online project Every Day in May. It’s all to do with encouraging people to draw regularly, and it occurs in May, obviously. Frankly, I would have preferred February – a much shorter month.

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I didn’t think I was going to get there in the end. My drawings became a lot more detailed than I planned, and the concepts for all my daily subject matter went array second week in. I have also been unsually busy with work too, so most of these drawings were done close to midnight. Which is why I had to resort to drawing from photo reference. However, I still approached it the same way – no pencilling or planning just jumped right in with pen and ink.

If you can’t see the theme to my project it is one degree of seperation between each proceeding picture. However, I must admit, some were stretching it a bit… If you would like to view the pictures with explanations click here.

Oh, and visit Every Day in May 2010 to see mine and other participants as well.



Goodbye old friend

Started a big clean up the other day – it’s not spring here, but it felt like the time was right. Anyway, I had to do the hardest thing and say goodbye to my first pair of Doc Martens. I stopped wearing them years ago – the soles were completely shot – holes deeper than the smallest crevasses in Antarctica, absolutely no tread left, inners worn away and because they have been lurking in the back of my cupboard for so long, a mildew pattern covered the surface. I only kept them for sentimental reasons, but I need the closet space. So I thought what better way to keep them with me forever, is by honouring them in ink.

I bought them in 1990, I asked my friend Matt to come along and help me pick out a pair. It was probably from a store long since gone. I had bought a few others since then, particularly on a trip to the UK years later – but they were never as comfortable as this pair. I wore them every “wear” – backpacking around Greece and France, parties, funerals, might have snuck them into a wedding. Countless, countless concerts. At one point I even strung a silver ankh onto one of the shoelaces and it bounced around my heel (I did the wraparound shoelace technique) – It must have been in the days of reading Neil Gaiman’s Death (I looved Chris Bachalo‘s work).

So adieu! Thanks for the memories in my most formative years. You stayed strong and were always there for me. However, you did let in a lot of water in your declining years. But all is forgiven, and now, even in your last moments of life you have provided me with inspiration to draw. Goodbye old friend, nice knowing you.

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