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When I first started trying to break down that professional graphic designer head space where you’re more or less creating designs to suit your client’s needs, I started to join a few online sketching forums and groups. They introduced me to a challenge called Every Day in May where you have to draw something every day during the month of May.

Its aim is to encourage people to realise you dont need large blocks of time to be creative, that even a small window in your day to day routine there’s always have time for a quick sketch. The value of this project is that drawing every day or at least more regularly, not only improves your skills but you’re exercising and practising creative thinking as well.


My favourite medium that year was dip pen and ink. Despite it not being the most practical of materials to take out ad about I accommodated its messy nature. I felt the only way I could see this massive challenge to the end was make it interesting for myself although it did require a bit of forward planning.

Apart from the materials I wanted each daily sketch to link to the last sketch in some way, like one degree of separation.


This time round I went a little easier on myself and kept the subject matter simpler. Amongst other things I like keeping bits of cardboard, packaging etc to cut up and use. I had a bunch of toilet paper rolls all stacked on my desk and the sunlight hit them casting these soft shadows over them. They became my muses for this year’s challenge and for each day I had to draw them in a different way.

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  1. Fascinating to see the result, but I am wondering if I would not get bored doing it myself. It is certainly a good way to focus on different techniques.

    1. Thanks Jutta, I must admit there were some days I was running out of ideas. Love your photos of Vienna. I was there in 95/96, it’s too long ago now.

  2. hilarious! in a good way – would only an Aussie choose toilet rolls as an extended subject? I too was fascinated to see how you achieved this for the whole month! I am sure I would have caved in with boredom. BUT the great thing about such a challenge is that it forces us to really extend ourselves – great work! 🙂

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