Every Day in May 2012

After realising how time restricted I was last year I couldn’t take the chance of it being any different in 2012. So I decided to use my idea of drawing toilet paper rolls but composed differently for each drawing. It was a lot more fun and easier to execute. If you would like to see them in detail please click on the image below.


May 1 – Colour ink and dip pen
May 2 – Colour inks and dip pen
May 3 – Colour inks and dip pen
May 4 – Colour inks and dip pen
May 5 – Colour inks and dip pen
May 6 – Highlighter pen and micron pen
May 7 – Graphite pencil
May 8 – Graphite pencil
May 9 – Watercolours
May 10 – Artline pen
May 11 – Oil pastels
May 12 – Oil Pastels
May 13 – Inktense pencils
May 14 – Micron Pigma Pen
May 15 – Inktense pencils & watercolours
May 16 – Watercolour
May 17 – Charcoal pencil
May 18 – Graphite pencil
May 19 – Watercolours
May 20 – Biro pen
May 21 – Graphite pencil
May 22 – Indian ink and brush
May 23 – Colour Textas
May 24 – Artline pen
May 25 – Colour textas
May 26 – Graphite pencil and eraser
May 27 – Black brush pen
May 28 – Colour pencils on gesso
May 29 – Watercolours and oil pastel
May 30 – Artline pen on unravelled toilet roll
May 31 – Artline permanent markers
And a round of applause for my muses. I couldn’t have done it without them!

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  1. Fascinating to see the result, but I am wondering if I would not get bored doing it myself. It is certainly a good way to focus on different techniques.

    1. Thanks Jutta, I must admit there were some days I was running out of ideas. Love your photos of Vienna. I was there in 95/96, it’s too long ago now.

  2. hilarious! in a good way – would only an Aussie choose toilet rolls as an extended subject? I too was fascinated to see how you achieved this for the whole month! I am sure I would have caved in with boredom. BUT the great thing about such a challenge is that it forces us to really extend ourselves – great work! 🙂

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