More Urban Sketches, Addison Road

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Spent a Sunday afternoon at the Addison Road Community Centre. The organic markets are on, and after 10am the Bower and Reverse Garbage are open. It’s has a great vibe and very encouraging of the arts. To view my Urban Sketches of Marrickville, click here.

For more info: The Bower, Reverse Garbage and Marrickville Organic Market

I’ve been making good progress with this series, and I’m really enjoying it. I forgot to mention what meduim I am using. It’s you’re simple .04 Artline pen. Once I sketch it in, I use one of those waterbrushes and go over it and let the ink bleed to help create depth. It’s a fun, uncluttered way of sketching.

7 thoughts on “More Urban Sketches, Addison Road

  1. Meegan- I’ve been looking through your illustrations, smiling, delighted and in awe of your style. It is friendly and welcoming and expertly rendered. I saw in your December post that you are using this blog as a way to develop your style, and it seems to me that is happening. I sure hope it feels that way to you.
    Wonderful work!

    1. Hi Pamo – Thanks for the comments. I feel like I’m getting somewhere, but it could be that I am drawing so much more now. Instead of trying to fit it into my life I am now making time for it. A lot of that is due to groups like EDM and my Sketch Club. In many ways they’ve stopped me being too precious with my work and just get it out there!

    1. Alex, I think you’re too modest about your own sketching skills. I suppose sometimes “the grass is always greener on the other side” when you look at other people’s work. I know I’ve felt that checking out everyone’s blogs, but it’s a good thing.

    1. Thanks, Anna. They have each roughly taken me about an hour and a bit. It takes me a little longer than my normal drawings as I’m trying to keep the sketches neat, so I’m a little more careful than normal. (Love the hearts, btw – I rejoice when people use watercolours boldly)

  2. Great drawings – and I’m inspired to try out the water brush with pen.

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