Fighting, Festivals and F… other stuff.

A friend invited me to watch his SCA group (Society for Creative Anachronism) spar using and wearing medieval weaponry and armour, respectively. It was really challenging, as it always is when capturing figures constantly moving at fast speed. And unlike other gestural drawing I’ve done – none of their moves were repeated,like dancers going through a routine. So you couldn’t rely on them returning to the same spot or using the same move more than once. It was really interesting and dynamic to watch and learn from. I may need a second visit, now that I know what I’m in for.

The next two drawings were from my local festival. They close off part of the main street and fill it with stalls, stages for performers etc. It’s always a nice day out, and filled with things to draw. If you would like to see these drawings in more detail and the rest of my Urban Sketchers journal, please click here. Plus there are more coloured medieval fighting sketches on my flickr site.

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3 thoughts on “Fighting, Festivals and F… other stuff.

  1. Love the card you sketched, and it’s a chinese wedding =) My wife insisted that wedding invitation card had to be chinese style, and at that time I couldn’t find any in Germany, so I designed my own. It turned out great and everyone thought it was unique.
    Thanks for your comments =)

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