Scratched up Scott

I am lucky enough to live in a city is hosting a comprehensive exhibition on Scott of the Antarctic at the Australian National Maritime Museum (which I find has some of the most interesting design and art-related exhibitions than most art galleries). It’s travelling globally and its first stop is Sydney. I went in a few weekends ago for what would  be my third and probably last visit before it leaves in another week’s time.

This time I decided to go back to using one of my old faithfuls – the artline felt tip pen. And just to get that weathered, rustic feel, I approached the drawings using a continuous line technique. But instead of being slow and careful, I attempted it with a very frenetic, scribbly style.

And for more of my work from this exhibition visit my flickr site.

8 thoughts on “Scratched up Scott

  1. Great sketches/scribblies, I love the boots and the lantern (they are all great).

    Thank you so much for your email, great sketches, looking forward seeing what you will work on next.



  2. Nice sketches! I really like the pair of boots…reminds me of my own pair which I wear to work 12 hours everytime…they just look hardworking and tired

    1. ha, ha. I think you made a comment on my other boots drawing, alex. They must be like a second skin for you. Maybe you should send me a photo of your boots and I will sketch them for you!

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