Urban Sketches

The weather has been very wet in Sydney of late. When we should be sweating in the shade we are still wearing boots and tucking a cardigan in our bag. So I only managed two Urban Sketches of my neighbourhood, but I’m hoping with the Christmas break coming up to fit in some more. The biggest lesson I learnt this time round is to always go out with a fresh pen. As I use artline felt pens they vary depending on its “age”, but it has such an impact on how I draw. The cafe scene was with a dry pen with its nib squished in, so I was virtually scratching into the page. All my linework is very short and abrasive in its exectution. Whereas the street scene has longer cleaner lines, more fluidity. And it was a good deal more enoyable to work with as well. If you would like to see these in more detail, and more of my Urban Sketchers, please click here. Or you could visit Urban Sketches Australia, where I have these and colour on location drawings as well. Plus cool work from other talented Aussies.

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  1. Love these sketches – I’m definitely inspired to try some urban sketching now. Think I’ll look for a group to tag along with nearby.

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