On Saturday aftenoon

I went to one of my favourite sketching spots with a friend on the weekend, Camperdown Cemetery. It was established in the mid 1800s and I would say the last time it was used was a century later.  The main kind of activity it sees now are dog walkers, people on lunch breaks, history buffs and anyone that wants to take a short cut to the other side of Newtown. The trees are the constant companions of those who rest here and have free reign to grow as they please. It is almost too perfect a scene the way they entwine with each other, and it makes it a setting so desperate in need to be drawn.

st stephens cemetery 1 LR
ink and dip pen

Whenever I get out my inks I try to attempt something a little different. This time I decided to use a colour (green) for the shadows and another (yellow) for the highlights.

berkeloew 1 LR
Watercolours and artline pen

The weather was very changeable that day. It was mostly bright and sunny warm, but the clouds rolled over and it started to shower.  It seemed like it was sticking around for a while, so we took refuge at Berkelouw bookstore. There was a cafe upstairs and we found a sofa and sat and sketched for a bit. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we got our drinks the sun came out.

st stephens cemetery 2 LR
Japanese brush, ink and dip pen
We agreed to give the cemetery another shot. It was breezy but the sun was out, although going down for the afternoon. I bought some Japanese brushes (for the first time) and found them really good to use. They were a lot more fluid in movement, especially when making “sharp turns” with it. So I will give them a spin more often.
Stay tuned for more…

2 thoughts on “On Saturday aftenoon

  1. The cemetery is the one that gets me. *happy sigh* I just love cemeteries. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? But they’re such serene, quiet places. Perfect for an introvert thinker like me. 🙂

    1. Hi Madison,
      No I totally agree with you. I’ve visited cemeteries at least 4 times to draw and they’ve always been the most tranquil and relaxing environments. Especially on a nice day. Thanks for stopping by.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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