Creative Plan – Multicolour and Rainbow mediums review

Admittedly when I added this medium to my Creative Plan I wasn’t very serious about them. My belief was that if any good was to come from them it was solely to help me loosen up and have some fun.


And as mentioned in past posts, I can be very colour challenged, ie I can only design/illustrate with three colours at a time, so it allowed me to see colour in a different way. A way my conservative mind wouldn’t have allowed me to on its own.


Kohl-i-noor pencils (left and middle), Daiso (right)

Daiso pencils

Without a doubt I will be using more of the Daiso pencil, in fact I’ve been looking online for a better sources for these pencils because in-store they only come in two, wrapped in plastic – which I loathe. They don’t feel like a novelty item at all and using the right paper I’m sure you could achieve some high-end results.

Drawing created with a Daiso pencil

These were a lot of fun and much better on larger sheets than small.

They’re always blunt. You could possibly sharpen them but the lead is only about 10cm long so that could eat away at the crayon quickly plus they wouldn’t stay sharp for long so its not worth it.


The other thing I found frustrating was that despite the fact you get eight crayons with different combinations, the majority of those combinations are made up of the same ten colours. So despite my idea of using a combination of two or three crayons for one drawing you may find that collectively there are only six colours in use.  Sometimes you’d also have to angle or turn the crayon to get the other colours to come out as well.


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