The Creative Plan – Day 4 Liquid Pencils


day3_exercise5By this stage I was feeling a bit defeated with this medium but I was determined to persevere. However, I was less focussed on doing something in my own style but instead wanted to unlock what Liquid Pencils are all about.

I picked a subject that I felt would lend itself to the character of this paint and I also took into consideration the results I had gotten from previous exercises. 

Photo taken from

I will confess that I had lost my patience with these paints and had low expectations that it could produce anything of real quality. Though I felt that even in these quick sketches of mine I could at least see possibilities or potential ideas when given more time.

The base colour was with Rewettable Grey 3 (I think) and let it dry. As per the “Fire & Ice” example from last week (see last post) I removed the paint with water from the lighter areas of the picture. Despite applying paint quite heavily I didn’t manage to pull that much off. Not having achieved what I wanted, I painted another layer but held off removing it till another day, letting it dry properly before working on it anymore.

First layer

The next morning I checked it and the lighter areas seemed more noticeable, not a whole lot more, but definitely had some shape to it. Knowing I wasn’t going to get any darker tones with the Liquid Pencil I used Winsor & Newton Indian ink instead. 

monkey_second stage
After removing as much of the base layer with water, the darker brushwork was done with Indian ink.

To bring out the white areas more I attempted to use a Conte á Paris white pencil but it didn’t take to the paper so I finished it with some Golden Titanium White Acrylic paint. 

Finished off with acrylic paint.

I gave it as good as I got, my headspace had left the building by now, feeling this was somewhat of a carwreck. When I look at the finished piece I feel like the Liquid Pencil didn’t really contribute anything, let alone anything unique. My feelings were left with the belief that I could have achieved the same results without them.

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  1. Thanks for the posts on these paints. I often wonder when I see new products how useful they will be. I think you have answered that pretty well. 👎. I think these days it’s as much about getting the punter to buy something new. I have way too many art supplies as it is, so I no longer feel the need to explore these ones.


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