The Creative Plan – Day 3 Liquid Pencils


With Rewettable Paints

“Fire & Ice”

After transferring the lettering I created earlier to watercolour paper, I wetted the surface to allow the paints to spread and blend. I’m not sure if it was a good quality paper as it showed a bit of “bubbling” with the amount of water I applied. If I was doing this properly I would tape the paper down to a stiff piece of cardboard to stop it moving. 

day3_Fire_&_Ice_baseI used the Blue and Sepia rewettable paints and let them bleed and blob out all over the paper. After it dried I went over it with the Grey 9.

Second coat

Once completely dried I painted out the letters with only water to basically lift the paint off hoping to at least reveal some of the colours from the first layer. 


day3_Fire_&_Ice_resultsI didn’t mind what was happening though I don’t know why “Fire” worked better than “Ice”. I really like the effects on “Fire” even though it removed more from the first layer than I would’ve liked. In hindsight, maybe the Permanent paints would have been better as the base.


Close ups

This medium definitely has potential to create something amazing though it may be restricted to just background textures. 


“Salt & Pepper”

With this next example I wanted to keep the words intact but pull out the tails of each letter with water to let the colours graduate or thin out.

Lettering painted with rewettable Liquid Pencils.



I may have gone overboard with the initial paint build up and how much water applied to my brush as the colour came out much too liberally making it really hard to control. In the end I gave up on my plan and just swooshed it around to see what it would do. 

day3_Salt_&_Pepper_close_up_1You can see from the “Pepper” wording that it totally transformed from the original. It became so wet I could pick some of it up and splatter it around. Which is great, but wouldn’t I just use watercolours for that effect?


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