Tricky insects

dip pen and ink
dip pen and ink

One afternoon I felt like doing some drawing. I do a bit on a regular basis but they are always project-based and at different stages requiring thought and patience. So after some “serious” art I wanted to splash out and have some expressive fun. A few months ago I came across a link to the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab flickr site, which displays amazing photos mostly taken by Sam Droege. Apart from being phenomenal images, I immediately thought they would be great reference material to draw from – so much wonderful linework, texture, shapes, detail, etc.


Watercolours, dip pen and ink
Watercolours, dip pen and ink


4b pencil and eraser
4b pencil and eraser

So I highly recommend a visit to this site and even if you aren’t interested in drawing them they are well worth viewing.


4 thoughts on “Tricky insects

  1. Beautiful feel to your drawings meegan – they definitely have a unique dimension all on their own. Really great stuff!

    And the photos are amazing, know what you mean by the texture. Thank God there are people documenting these things in the world with their photos.

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