Easter treats

Prize winning goats
Prize winning goats

I’m not sure if this happens around the world, but in Australia, for those of us that live in the city, every Easter the Royal Agricultural Show comes to town. It was originally established in the late 1800s as a way to bring attention and promote the state’s agricultural produce and industry. And it still does to some extent but they have thrown in fun fair rides, foods, amusements and so on too. But its usual tag is when the country comes to the city.

Dog judging competition
Dog judging competition

As a child it was all about the sample bags, or as they are now called, showbags – overpriced bags of small packs of confectionery or cheap ‘made in China’ toys that for some reason are irresistibly a good bargain. But now as an adult, and part-time artist, it provides a refreshing variety of things to draw.

One great thing about going to the Easter Show, what it is commonly called, is that it is all about interaction and getting up close with the animals. Although many are in pens you can still stand close enough to get some good details unlike the zoo. I wish I had more time to get to all the animal pavilions but I was pooped by the afternoon. All the sketches were drawn with a blue biro pen.

RAS2014_6 LR RAS2014_7 LR

The Farmyard Nursery was great. Some of the animals were penned but they had a lot of baby goats and sheep walking around. A lot better since I was a kid. Speaking of kids, I had one little kid who I think found sanctity underneath me from some excited children.

RAS2014_friend RAS2014_9 LR RAS2014_8 LR


Another highlight was drawing the woodchopping. Not the easiest to do but very compelling and addictive. Partly because each woodchopping heat would last only minutes and their movements aren’t as repetitive as I hoped, so it took some time to observe the movements and body stances.

But they have such wonderful and dynamic movement when they swing and aim their axes, not just with the arms but the legs and back. I  made two visits to the woodchopping arena that day. I think if I go to the show next year I either buy a 2-day pass and spend one entire day just drawing them.

RAS2014_1 LR RAS2014_2 LR RAS2014_3 LR RAS2014_4 LR RAS2014_10 LR RAS2014_11 LR RAS2014_b LR

Cheers and happy easter!

4 thoughts on “Easter treats

  1. Wow what a range of sketches – very impressive and it so reminds me of the Melbourne Agriculture Show. That Hall of show bags was always so crowded and the Arena events were great. Thank you for posting your sketches.

    1. Thanks for the comments Sandy (sorry for the delay). yeah I think its very similar to the Melbourne one. Like your bridies on your blog too!

    1. Hey Stew! What a nice surprise to hear from you! I no longer subscribe to EDM as I couldn’t keep up with all the posts so I dont know what everyone is up to anymore. I do post things every now and then on their facebook site, but other than that… just trying to find time to do my own thing. Man you’re artwork is amazing, that quilting texture blows me away. Anyway, i’m “following” you now so I can keep track of your work!

      I’m sorry to hear about your health situation. My dad is going through the same thing too – he’s moved in with me so I can keep an eye on him. Dont give up and keep positive. xx meegan

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