Urban Sketchers at Hyde Park

I managed to get to an Urban Sketchers event on the weekend, but only had half a day to draw. Feeling a little guilty to be enjoying such a beautiful day when there have been raging bushfires happening in greater Sydney and country NSW – very scary and disheartening for all those poor people who have lost their homes.

But life went on in Sydney town and I think all of us who were out and about enjoying the weekend weather were grateful to be able to do just that.


Last time we had a USK event in Hyde Park it bucketed down and we scrambled to the safety of the Australian Museum. But this time it was fine, and it is so much nicer to sit under the shade of a tree and sketch then a confined building. I do love sketching outside, especially in more serene locations, where you can spread out, take your shoes off and paint.


Lately, whenever I sketch I have been trying to put more contrast in my work. Whether it is through linework, brushstrokes, details, movement, anything. And I am also trying to tackle better depth of perspective. It’s interesting, for one has to  also keep that balance between letting go and holding back when you paint. Or painting instinctively but exercising some control as well.

Anyway, still working on it, as you can see in these sketches, but will elaboate more another day. Lots of exciting projects happening at the moment and hoping to share in the next couple of months.


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