The Black Angels

blackangels_1 LRLast Saturday night I went and saw an American band called The Black Angels. Their style of music is very psychedelic, grungy, bluesy rock and roll. I am reminded a little of Jefferson Airplane and the Doors. My friend and I sat upstairs at the Enmore Theatre and right at the front. I dont normally like sitting down for gigs, but for me this kind of music is a “chill out” sound.

blackangels_2 LR

I took my sketchbook with me and a cheap throw-away Japanese brush pen. I must wrack my knuckles (is that a proper saying?) each time I go out with a half-dried up pen!! Its the equivalent of not throwing out old milk, every time you go to use it only then you realise it needs to be replaced.

blackangels_3 LRThis brush pen was already on its last legs when I took it with me, so as I am drawing the Black Angels in the dark, wondering why I couldn’t see anything definitive on my page, it was because my pen was drying out.

blackangels_4 LRHaving said that, I think the blurry, washed out effect suits their music. So there’s always an upside to everything I suppose.

blackangels_5 LRCheers,

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  1. Hi, Meegan, the sketches are so good! They captured the mood and even sounds! I feel them all. I love the texture.
    Cheers, Sadami

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