Alexander the Great

Visited the Australian Museum today to see the touring Alexander the Great exhibition. The collection comes from the State Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia which is on my art bucket list. One thing I will say about the incredibly rich and powerful, they got a lotta booty and they like to show it off. So thank you, Catherine the Great! As it was mostly her collection that is on display.

I only sketched from one section of the exhibition which was the early Hellenistic period, as the rest seemed like a lot of Greek statues or over the top gilded clocks. Some of the engravings were awesome, but I like the really worn down rustic stuff. Anyway, off to research more about the Battle of Tyre.

Have a great New Year everyone!

alexthegreat2 LR alexthegreat3 LR alexthegreat4 LR alexthegreat5 LR


Artwork was produced mostly using Derwent Inktense Pencils and a mircon pen.

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