Sketchbook Project 2013

Front cover of my 2013 Sketchbook Project
Front cover of my 2013 Sketchbook Project

On Monday I sent off my completed Sketchbook Project – a whole month before it’s due!! Huge feat and huge relief! But if I’m completely honest with you, I did cut out the last two pages, hee hee. But I had good reason for it which I will explain.

Sadly, I didn’t enjoy working on this year’s project as much as last year’s, see here. I think it started with the looong wait by the mailbox for my sketchbook to arrive, and then they cancelled the tour in Australia. It was very disappointing. I also miss the format from last year, where they gave you open-ended creative titles to select. This time the subject matter choices were based on format, ie journal, poems, narration etc. I liked the former because I found it far more challenging for my imagination.

The most enjoyable part of the whole project was meeting up with my sketching friends who were working on their Sketchbook Projects. We met once a month, sometimes at one of their homes or in a food court in town. It was great because we motivated each other, provided second opinions, and had lots of laughs and chatter, plus plenty of eating and drinking. We enjoyed it so much we have decided to keep meeting and work on our own individual projects instead.

Anyhoo, as my book took so long to arrive, I changed my idea in that time. Initially I was going to buy objects from places like St Vincent de Paul’s, the Salvation Army and other op shops, draw them and create a story about who owned them and how they ended up in the store. But I had so many bills to pay and no invoices being paid (not a great combination) that even spending $2 per object was not on the cards.

So I went with idea #2. I bought a box of fortune cookies and  created a double-page spread inspired by each fortune. Unfortunately I lost one of the fortunes, and another was a repeat, so that is why I had to remove the last two pages.

Please enjoy.

3 sbp_fc_companyelders LR
Fortune: “An elder wants you to be in their company”
Seated L-R: Leonardo da Vinci, Stan Lee, Douglas Mawson, Yoda
4 sbp_fc_failureopportunity LR
Fortune: “Failure is opportunity in disguise”
5 sbp_fc_windsails LR
Fortune: “We can’t control the wind, but we have the power to adjust the sails”
6 sbp_fc_opportunities LR
Fortune: “Be on the alert for new opportunity”
7 sbp_fc_audreyhepburn LR
Fortune: “You have a natural grace and great consideration for others”
8 sbp_fc_enjoypleasures LR
Fortune: “You will enjoy pleasures of life to the highest degree and will share them”
9 sbp_fc_coyoteLR
Fortune: “Those we hurt the most are often those we love the most”
10 sbp_fc_happypeaceful LR
Fortune: “Your life will be happy and peaceful”
11 sbp_fc_nurture LR
Fortune: “You will win success in whatever calling you adopt”
12 sbp_fc_newyear LR
Fortune: “Promises are like babies… Easy to make, hard to deliver”
13 sbp_fc_shackleton LR
Fortune: “One thing you can give and still keep, is your word”
15 sbp_fc_backcover LR
Back Cover

9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2013

  1. Congratulations on completing and posting of your Sketchbook Project! It was fun to meet up and work on our projects and see how your themes emerged and progressed over the months ! And now I get to see some of the previously “unfinished” pages. I hope the pages of your real book, as well as your online book , get viewed by lots of people around the world.

  2. what an original, creative idea! i love it. and i love your bright, colorful pages with the delightful characters!

    i have to agree with you about the themes this year… and admit that, despite getting my sketchbook many months ago, i haven’t even started. i’ve changed my idea a million times and can’t seem to land on anything that’s really inspiring me. i am on holiday for about 10 days starting on Saturday so I need to get busy!

    thanks for sharing your sketchbook!

    1. thanks molly. well i hope you find some inspiration soon, possibly from your holiday?? lovely christmas drawings on you r blog – you have beautiful lettering skills.

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