Welcome Spring

I’m a big fan of winter but even I’m over the cold season this year. And without fail on the 1st September (for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere) it was a warm, sunny spring day. Work has been very manageable this week so it allowed me some free time to sit in my backyard and draw this scene. It’s not that often I get to see all my flowers in bloom together. It makes me feel like a competent gardener, not a great one, but good enough.

I also broke some ground in my architecture study. One of the struggles I had was fitting in the entire scene without pencilling in structure lines to start with.

When it was too wet to sketch outside I took photos of houses in my area.

So I made a compromise. I’m use to painting first and outlining second, so I painted in very faint gestural lines.

I brushed in very quick, light gestural structure lines to kick things off.

Although they weren’t 100% accurate, it was enough to use as a guideline, and it took the pressure of worrying about whether I would fit it all in at the end.

And to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, and only something I could do at a desk, I went for a walk and did a few more.


Happy seasonal changes everyone!


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