Already April

I cannot believe we are four months into the new year – it’s ridiculous. It’s been awhile since I did some Urban Sketching, admittedly I never felt motivated too, but once I did one I wanted to keep going. I also drew my first “ghost” stop – which is a bus stop that is no more. The shelter is still there but buses just zoom on by. I was wondering why that car was parked illegally in a bus zone. Doh!

To see all my Urban bus stop sketches at your leisure please click here for this link.

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4 thoughts on “Already April

  1. These are wonderful and I think I recognise one place in the city. We often go to Sydney by Murray’s bus line for some big city fun. Do you just add some water to get the wash effect? I love this but have only tried it quite recently – 2 weeks ago actually.

    1. Hi Sandy, Thanks for the comments. Yes, I use artline pens and use one of those brush pens filled with water to drag the ink out from the line work. Yeah, it’s taken me awhile to work out the best way to get effects and to not necessarily shade in with cross-hatch lines but to leave it for the waterbrush. A fresh pen is always more effective too, and its my favourite stage of the drawing. Cheers!

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