Urban Sketches Australia 2012

My theme for my new Urban Sketches book in 2012 is “Scenes from a Bus Stop”

3 thoughts on “Urban Sketches Australia 2012

  1. Great idea Meegan!
    You know, it’s amazing sketches like these that make me realise that I am never going to make it as an Urban Sketcher – as much as I keep thinking of giving it a go. I could never match these fantastic sketches/drawings…err…paintings? I say paintings as in a way they are aren’t they?
    Talking of which, I have just started using a fountain pen then chucking water on for tones. I discovered this technique when I spilt water on a drawing. I have been wanting to use watercolour over ink lines for a while now but I have a cheap W.H. Smiths fountain pen that just takes cartridges so I can’t use waterproof ink (not that I would know which was safe to use). I was quite sure I wasn’t the only person using this technique…lol. I really must use watercolour paper, at the moment I have been using cheap non watercolour paper…very cheap. Not only does it crinkle (is that a word? Doesn’t look right) but it starts breaking up…lol.
    Anyway, wonderful sketches. I could look at your sketches all day – In fact, I might 😉

  2. Oh hell…I knew I would forget something…sorry!
    I read your review of the Pump Pen and I am quite interested in them but I now have a lot of reservations and considering a Lamy Safari as it seems a lot of people like them. But I will be looking forward to reading your second review.
    Any thoughts on inks?

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