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Work has been crazy, so I haven’t had a chance to do much drawing. all I have to offer are these three: 

This one was quite tricky because I had to completely trust what was in front of me. The forefinger looked as though it was also the finger that curls up under the thumb, but it wasn’t. And the two smaller fingers were in such an awkward angle, I really had to draw what I saw and trust that my foreshortening was correct.

The challenge with drawing something like this was not so much the complexity of the finger positioning, but more about the weight of the fingers. When you think about it, a hand only lightly holds onto a phone. It rests in your hand rather than being tightly gripped, unlike the way you might hold a full coffee cup or a pen. So the illustration or linework had to convey a certain lightness of touch. Not sure if I achieved that – may have to pursue this angle a bit more.

This was another delicate one, where the finger just hovered or glided across the surface. It was quite enjoyable to draw something that was relatively delicate with such a “gutsy” medium. Especially the way I use it.

More hand studies: holding objects

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  1. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Really enjoyed looking around here. Amazing work. Fantastic ink sketches!

  2. awesome! I really like your step-by-step process. They really do help people to understand what you went through to get a sketch done ^^

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