My rant for the year

I didn’t create this blog to talk about daily life and such but today I feel I need to share this. Not only because it has totally p#$^d me off and continues to do so but there may be others out there who, like me, were searching in vain for answers but kept hitting brick walls.

Nothing gets my hackles up more than IT issues. I cant stand it when people drool over the latest software, os systems, whatever, whatever, WHATEVER! Whatever they are meant to do, you know, say make your life easier? create a more streamlined working space? be more efficient? THEY’RE NOT! THEY NEVER ARE! and… THEY NEVER WILL!!

Not only did I inadvertently have to download the latest MAC OS X system (Yosemite) to open up a new app, just to open up a file someone sent me. But the upgrade was so freakin’ slow and cumbersome, It was hellish! Not only did the upgrade adventure did not work and I couldn’t open the file in the end, but now I’m stuck with an OS operating system that is excruciatingly haphazard in its efficiency.

And what f**^ks me off is that all online articles acknowledge their are glitches with this upgrade. Why? If it is new and improved, why are there issues? There should never be issues with an upgrade – the whole point of them is that they are better! It makes me wonder how intensely they trial these things when the simplest commands cause the most infuriating problems.

For instance, I couldn’t open my Indesign software that I could before I upgraded. I kept getting these messages, based on which version of indesign I was attempting to open.rant2 rant1

So I look online trying to find this Java 6 download (why doesn’t Adobe supply it on cloud control if it is essential to opening their software?) and i can only find version 8, so like a fool i download. Takes about 20mins, install another 10, restart and woohoo it doesn’t work.

I look again online, apparently 8 doesn’t work with macs and i need 6. Every link or forum I tried had way too many options to try without feeling like this is exactly what I need or the link ended with a “doesn’t exist anymore” window. About half an hour later I find one, and download, another 10-15 mins, install another 10mins, restart and… “Application not responding”

With better things to do and feeling quite mentally exhausted – because might i add, everytime I want to search or click on a link my mac takes 32 seconds to action it. Two hours later I thought, I might just try this…

I opened up my Applications folder, clicked on the Indesign app icon and hit Command I (for “Get Info”).
rant3And I looked at the little padlock shown in the bottom right hand corner. Just out of sheer lack of IT knowledge I clicked it to unlock.



And lo and behold – it worked!! That took me a whole of half a second.

I mean ok, I don’t know if it that was the entire problem in the end, but not one of these support forums and websites suggested this. It was all download this, type in this, read this 70 page doc for this or “your files are corrupt and you need to reinstall your software.”

So if anyone out there has done an online search for “i’m really sick of these f%^*king upgrades and instalments that never freakin work” or “indesign, mac, yosemite, unable to launch indesign as you do not have sufficient permission to access the preference folders” try this, it might help.

Happy New Year everyone, let’s hope it gets better than this!

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