Let the music play!

I didn’t think I would be entering more t-shirt designs so soon, but one of Threadless’ current competitions is to design shirts with a Fraggle Rock theme. And I loved Fraggle Rock as a kid. For those unfamiliar with it, it was a show in the 80s Jim Henson created. The Fraggles lived in a underground(?) type of world. They loved to play and have fun all the time, having no responsibilities. Their world would occasionally connect with the human world and another world of giants called Gorgs too. But I think the best part of the show was their theme song, play here.

So I came up with a few designs and hoping to do some more but depending on work I will see if I make there deadline or not. If you would like to vote for any that would be excellent. Click on the image or the link below each one.

Thanks for your time,

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