C is for Cookie


Exciting news! Earlier this year I entered an online competition with Threadless t-shirts to design a Sesame Street shirt. Well I wasn’t the ultimate winner, however, they recently contacted me about accepting my design as a t-shirt. It’s a fab wesbite, I have bought several shirts from them.

The great thing is that the shirt designs are submitted and voted by the global public. Once threadless approve a design it is a print by demand format and I get a comission on every sale. I’m not great at self-promotion but Christmas is coming up peoples… ;P The other cool thing is they have my design in baby clothes too!

If you would like to buy my shirt, or browse other fab designs, please click this link.


5 thoughts on “C is for Cookie

  1. Wow – Cogratulations !! That is so great
    I love your image. A couple of the others are good too(the cookie monster and the moon) , but yours has captured the wild abandonment of eating a cookie !

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