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Greetings everyone, welcome to my new-ish blog makeover!

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To see more colour ink work please click here.

With much deliberation of what to do with this blog after my satisfying breakthrough using colour inks, I’ve decided to showcase a bit more of my work besides black and white ink. Which will be quite nice – to not place any restraints on what I upload.

I will only select my better work rather than throw everything on it, “everything” however, will appear on my flickr site.  And I will also include online projects like Every Day in May and The Sketchbook Project.

To see more watercolours please click on image.
To see more pencil work please click on the image.









Something I have always appreciated from the online community are the personal reviews, especially of art materials. They’re always a lot more honest and in depth than the promotional write ups from the manufacturer and I value them. So I’m a few posts away from doing the same. I don’t use a whole lot of materials and I probably don’t use them correctly, but what I use I use a lot, and hopefully they’ll be of some value to some people. Plus I’ll thrown in my own tips on how I use them.

So thank you to all the people who have taken an interest in my blog and I hope you continue to enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “A, B, C…

    1. Thanks Aaron. This graveyard is quite peaceful and relaxing to drawn in. Like your blog – great cartoons and sense of humour.

  1. Great idea – i really like the red! I am doing the same thing, since i will have more time this summer to post.

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