Creative Plan – Watercolour Paints

Masking Fluid One of the greatest partnerships with watercolour paint is masking fluid. However some like it and others dont.  I feel it has its place for the right occasion.  For those not familiar with it, this material is a pre-preparation tool to keep those areas of your picture clean while you’re busily painting in... Continue Reading →

Creative Plan

I have very little experience with negative painting, if I have practiced it, it would have been done unknowingly. It confuses me even more when I want to incorporate it into a picture that's complex and cant work out if I am actually using a negative painting technique or I’m just... painting, like normal. Needing... Continue Reading →

Creative Plan – Watercolour Paints

Washes This was a small exercise to try and loosen up my mind about using watercolours – attempting to not control them so much and letting them bleed and blur into each other. The previous exercise with the different types of cakes was meant to cover this technique, but felt like I only just skimmed... Continue Reading →

Creative Plan – Watercolour Paints

The aim of this exercise wasn’t so much about creating nice backgrounds like how to do a beautiful sunset but painting fantastical or imaginary settings. I guess, this was a way of getting myself out of using watercolours in a more traditional or assumed manner. So much of my use has been on location where... Continue Reading →

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