Urban Sketches Australia 2012

My theme for a brand new year and a brand new book is to sketch what I see from, or in the vicinity, of a bus stop.

Bus Stop 204421 Sydenham Station, Sydenham
Bus Stop 220420 Marrickville & Illawarra Rds, Marrickville
Bus Stop 220454 Illawarra & Warren Rds, Marrickville
Bus Stop 204226 King St, Newtown Station, Newtown
Bus Stop 201881 Epsom Rd, Rosebery
Bus Stop 213440 Tahlee St, Burwood
Bus Stop, 208947 Military & Ben Boyd Rds, Neutral Bay
Bus Stop 220442 Victoria Rd, Enmore Park, Marrickville
Bus Stop 220487 Marrickville Rd & Fletcher St, Marrickville
Bus Stop 2204?? Livingstone Rd & Frazer St, Marrickville
Bus Stop 2331 Eyre St, Kingston, Canberra
Bus Stop 3012 Kings Ave, Barton, Canberra
Bus Stop 219211 Burwood Rd & Torbruk Ave Belmore
Bus Stop 204968 Livingstone Rd & Addison Rd, MArrickville
Bus Stop 220477 Addison Rd & Neville St, Marrickville
Ghost Bus Stop - Frazer and Wardell Roads, Marrickville
Bus Stop 201078 Victoria St Darlinghurst
Bus Stop 20068 Castlereagh St near Bathurst St, Museum, City

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