Urban Sketches Sydney 2011

Jets training

Dinner at Tra Mi

Platform 5 on a wet Sunday

Construction: Cnr Petersham & Marrickville Rd

St Brigid’s Church

Marrickville Public School

NSW State Election

Chapel St Bus Stop

Addison Road Organic Markets

The Bower, Addison Road Community Centre

Reverse Garbage Sculpture, Addison Road Community Centre

Salavtores Bakehouse Cafe, Enmore

Enmore Park, the old Rocket Ship

Agar St on a Sunday

Cooks River, Steele Park, Marrickville

Marrickville Fish Shop

Circus, Tempe

Cooks River, Tempe

St Stephens Church & Cemetery, Newtown, at night

Taiko No Wa set up, St Stephens Hall, Newtown

The SCA at Marrickville Town Hall

Dance Skool performance at Marrickville Festival

Circus play at Marrickville Festival

Breakfast at Platform 7, Sydenham

Misseden Road, Newtown

Dulwich Hill PatisserieNew Canterbury Road, St Peters


10 comments on “Urban Sketches Sydney 2011

  1. What terrific sketches! I feel like I just dropped in for a visit, thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m really enjoying your Marrickville journal, it’s a coffee table book waiting to be published!


    • you’re too kind, a dreamer, but too kind. when are we going to see cherrybrook?


      • I’ll second that emotion!
        You’ve seen “All Over Coffee”, right? Look it up on Amazon, use “see inside” feature. Also you can look at the drawings at SF Chronicle (or is it the Examiner?).
        Or just Google “All Over Coffee” and click Images. Fun to browse.

        Your stuff would make a great book!


      • thanks for the link – his stuff is great. and thanks for the compliments too!


  3. What wonderful sketches!!! Wow – you are terribly talented. I especially like the table and the train station. Congratulations on being invited to Urban Sketchers. Well deserved.


  4. Wow, I love your sketches! Thanks for your comments on my painting:)


  5. These sketches are wonderful. How I wish I could sketch like you.
    Super cool artwork.


  6. Hello Meegan,
    I just love your sketches.
    How I wish I could sketch like this.
    I really could look through these for hours.


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