On Location Journal

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2 comments on “On Location Journal

  1. Hello Meegan,
    Sorry I’ve not been to see you for a while.
    What a fantastic sketchbook. I just wish I could do something like this.
    The Chemo ward struck a chord – hours upon hours of sitting there while I was attached to the machine pumping nasty stuff into me. I used to go in laughing and joking then hours later I had to be nearly carried out feeling awful.
    Well that brought the mood down a tad eh?
    I see you are still having fun with the ink 🙂
    A really fantastic blogsite – I love it!


    • Hey Stew,

      I didnt realise your were that sick. Yeah, my dad is getting treatments every three weeks. It doesn’t knock him about too much, but by the time he fully recovers from the side effects he has to go back again. Yeah its so boring there too.

      Well I hope no more visits for you. Thanks for the comments, and you are more than capable of creating a great sketchbook too.



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