Every Day in May 2011

Trip to Windsor with chandelier in background.

Chandelier in cafe opposite the Enmore Theatre.

In the foyer at the Enmore Theatre as the crowds come out after the show.

Crowds at lunch time in local shopping centre

Unpacking my grocery shopping quickly so I can eat my sushi.

My taiko class – a Japanese drumming practice.

Practicing Onikenbai – a Japanese demon sword dance that employs the use of a fan.

Clearing up at home, moving my fan out of the way now that summer has gone.

A collection of stuff after my clean up to take to the Salvation Army Store. The store sells everything from clothes, books, pots, pans and furniture.

Steaming fish. With my condiments, claypot and chicken egg timer in background.

Chicken wrap for lunch in a client’s garden.

My garden – full of potted flowers, tomatoes and my compost bin in background.

Researching compost filler on the net in my cluttered living room of a hundred remote controls!

Watching the football on tv, while sketching. Photo in background of holiday destination.

A collection of souvenirs from my last lot of travels next to my side lamp.

Some of the biggest lights in the area – stadium lights for Henson Park.

Walking through another local park that has a permanent sculpture made of metal, concrete and mosaic tiles.

My studio table with a horde of brushes and pens in my mosaic glass holder, with the window blinds hanging in the background.

Front of my house with my studio window in background, and mailbox in foreground.

Up Marrickville, local square outside the post office with restaurants and cafes.

Cafe in Glebe, with a footbridge to Sydney Uni in background.

Sydney Harbour Bridge with Luna Park entrance smiling its big teeth in the foreground.

My toothbrush sitting on my bathroom sink, with tap in background.

Back at Henson Park drawing the water bubbler, with the Newtown jets scoreboard in background.

Bookshop in Newtown.

Book sale at Marrickville library. On top of the pile is a book about Capt Cook’s travels to the Southern Hemisphere – Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Antarctica.

My invitation to an  exhibition about another explorer, Scott of the Antarctic.

My penguin mug, which I bought on a trip to Antarctica in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Penguins and Leopard Seals at Taronga Zoo – although these penguin species shown here aren’t found in Antarctica, Leopard Seals are, especially lurking below icebergs on the hunt for penguins.

My icy sorbet, and shiny metallic objects around – spoon, toaster, kettle, reflecting bowl with sorbet.

The last one! A self-portrait reflected in my mirror.


6 comments on “Every Day in May 2011

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  2. Love them all Meegan! What a great idea having the thread running through all the drawings. I will definitely have a go at this next year.



  3. Impressive series, Meegan! I like the consistency of line and of layout!


  4. great drawings. I like the format and the bold lines.


  5. Hi Meegan ! I love your sketching, it’s really wonderful, i love the line and how expressive it is ! I’ll be back here as often as i can 🙂 Clem


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