Ready, Steady…Go!!

Just a quick study on hands, whilst testing out my new Ackerman pump pen.  I started off with 15 seconds, then 30, 60 and 5 minutes. But with a couple I only used up 3-4 minutes. I guess its interesting to see what is eliminated in the shorter time frames, based on what I thought was important in capturing hand gesture correctly. There’s no shading at all in the 15 and 30 second ones, much like cartoon hands. While the 5 minute sketches have plenty of detail, to the point that I felt with some of the gestures if I had used the full 5 minutes I may have overworked them, so I stopped.


2 comments on “Ready, Steady…Go!!

  1. were you drawing someone else’s hand or your own with a mirror? Thanks for sharing your pen test.


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