Drum • draw • drum • draw • drum • draw • drum • draw • drum • draw

Hello February!

This is going to be a crazy period for me – I have Chinese New Year commitments coming up for a few weeks so will find it difficult to do much sketching. But I hope to at least get some decent research material for it.

I also just returned from a 4 day Intensive with Taikoz, so lots of drumming and feeble attempts at learning Onikenbai. Anyway, at least I got some drawing in. Lots of pencils and a few watercolours, which can be viewed on my flickr site and a handful of inks which are located on my scratchy sketches page. All those wonderful trees were courtesy of Eling Forest Winery Estate in NSW, where the Intensive was held.

2 thoughts on “Drum • draw • drum • draw • drum • draw • drum • draw • drum • draw

  1. Hi Meegan Thanks for stopping by….love the drawing of the drums and the spring onions…hope you had a good time drumming

  2. Thanks, Debra. CNY is coming to end – unlike the ringing in my ears from all the cymbals and firecrackers. :p

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